About Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV

Sonora is a subsidiary company of Bachoco dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of pork. Since 1975, it has become one of the main pork producers in Mexico and thanks to the quality of its products, Sonora reaches the United States, Japan, China, Republic of Congo, Korea, Ivory Coast, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2020 Sonora joined Industrias Bachoco, a leading company in the poultry industry in Mexico and one of the ten largest poultry companies in the world. Its main lines of business: chicken, eggs, balanced feed, pork, and value-added turkey and beef products.

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TIF We have two plants, one in Sonora and one in Jalisco

Processes: Slaughter, cutting, portioning, added value, yield plant.

Official approvals: Plants approved by the United States, Japan, South Korea, China, and other countries.

HACCP plan implemented in all processes.



The quality you need. Value chain

All of our products are of the greatest quality thanks to our complete control over the production process, including reception, slaughter, cutting, packaging, dispatch, and transport.
a distinctive quality that sets it apart from other businesses in the industry.

+1,000,000 slaughterings per year

With about 500,000 pigs of our own produce, around 6.500 tonnes of sausages, and 350 000 pieces of cured ham, we slaughter more than 1,000,000 animals annually. Sonora is aware of the needs of Asian clients, to whom it provides high-quality versions of its best-selling items (hearts, livers, tongues and kidneys, etc.).
Also, it offers less expensive items like bacon, knuckles, and different kinds of bones along with more expensive items like ham or shoulder. Ham that has been cured mainly goes overseas.
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