Sonora is a subsidiary company of Bachoco dedicated to the industrialization and commercialization of pork. Since 1975, it has become one of the main pork producers in Mexico and thanks to the quality of its products, Sonora reaches the United States, Japan, China, Republic of Congo, Korea, Ivory Coast, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2020, Sonora joined Industrias Bachoco, a leading company in the poultry industry in Mexico and one of the ten largest poultry companies in the world. Its main lines of business: chicken, eggs, balanced feed, pork, and value-added turkey and beef products.

The only fully integrated pork processing facility in Mexico that can slaughter, chop, debone, cure, slice, and pack pigs is the country’s oldest traditional pig slaughtering and bacon-curing enterprise (bulk and consumer packs).
Sonora purchases more than half a million dollars worth of cattle per week, mostly from pig farmers in the border counties and 25 kilometers away from the location. All farms are audited in accordance with Bord Bia requirements and have complete farm traceability. 9.5% of the ROI kill is killed at the location.

Control the whole process

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV looks after its product and maintains control over it throughout the whole supply chain. The business produces animal feed in addition to growing cereals.


Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV additionally encourages production that is based on environmentally friendly practices and technological advancements. And it eliminates gluten from its products.

Experts exporters

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV has effectively entered the international market and developed into a trustworthy supplier of the top wholesalers and distributors globally.

Sonora’s output is further processed to about 80% of its main customer partnerships and 20% of Bachoco Group. The location has received approval from all the major merchants and is a crucial supply partner for Mexican foodservice companies.
Sonora has received a total of $23 million from Bachoco, including investments for modernization and increased throughput. The value-added meat protein (beef, lamb, hog, and chicken) products offered by Bachoco range from raw hamburgers to cooked convenience foods.
The investment in Sonora and other high-value businesses will increase value farther down the supply chain by supplying partners with on-trend convenience goods, which are the fastest-growing segment of meat sales, as well as consumers.

The Company

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV, which performs all stages of the production process with its own resources (producing feed, owning fattening farms, a slaughterhouse, a drying shed, and a distribution network), has founded its success on a thorough control of the production.
These methods have helped it develop into the world’s best guarantee supplier for distributors. It has a team of professionals that are skilled in using perspective, profession, and common sense, and its dedication is founded on work, responsibility, and ongoing development.
Since 2010, Sonora has expanded its presence globally, being among the top exporters in its industry. Its sales are intended for overseas markets to the tune of 71%.