Sonora has introduced and accredited the Quality Management and Food Safety Systems BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard), two seals of worldwide recognition.

With these guarantees, the company supports its export strategy.


A self-control system based on the principles of “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (HACCP) that is continuously updated has been established and reported by Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV.
In reality, Sonora places a high focus on food security since it pays attention to consumer concerns and societal need in this area. Regular adjustments ensure that the finest quality products are released onto the market.


To obtain the maximum quality

Control stands for guarantee

At Sonora, we are aware that the quality of our products begins long before they are harvested. As a result, we choose the best grains, produce our own feed, and distribute it across our facilities.

Concerned about animal well-being

Due to our ownership of our farms, we are able to pay close attention to how well the regulations on animal welfare are being followed by foreign markets. This is a dedication to quality rather than a compromise.

Capability and reliability

Sonora’s slaughterhouse and butchering facilities are constantly being improved in order to meet consumer demand. This task is being handled by our Quality Department.

The best care is at homeThe best care is at home

Sonora’s meat curing and salting facilities are 2,700 square meters at the company’s headquarters. Only in this way is it able to put the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation to use.

Our guarantee is customer satisfaction

We have our own production and packaging facilities for meat products, which allows our business to continuously satisfy the most demanding market and the exporting, thanks to decades of relationships with our customers.

Fast and safe transport solutions

Sonora has the equipment required to deliver our goods to any place of sale, wherever it may be, with a guarantee. In order to deliver our goods throughout the five continents, we have our own fleet of vans and contracts with the most reputable shipping firms.