McCarren is Family owned business, going back 5 generations, established by John McCarren. The original business focused on the sale of live animals to UK for slaughter in a factory in Leeds.

As the business developed, the current and original site was built in 1860 and located in Cavan for its ease of access to the railway system.

Oldest traditional pig slaughtering & bacon curing business in Ireland and the only fully integrated pork processing site in Ireland that can slaughter, cut, debone, cure, slice, and pack (bulk and consumer packs).

McCarren sources in excess of €0.5m livestock weekly-predominantly from pig farmers in the counties adjacent to the border and within a 25km radius of the site. All Farms are audited according to Bord Bia standards and fully traceability to the farm. The site slaughters 9.5% of the ROI kill.

Control the whole process

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV group takes care of its product and control it from the first to the last link of the chain. The company is involved in the cereal cultivation and in the feed manufacturing


Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV also supports a production based in the sustainable development and in technical means that allow the environmental conservation. And it makes its products gluten-free.

Experts exporters

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV has successfully launched to foreign market and has evolved to become into a reliable provider of the leading wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

About 20% of McCarren output is further-processed within Kepak Group and the balance of 80% to key customer partnerships. The site is approved for all the major retailers and is an integral supply partner to foodservice operators in Ireland.

Kepak has invested a total of €15m in McCarren including investment to modernise and increase throughput capacities. Kepak’s core business is primary processing of beef (c. 16% national kill) lamb (20%) and most recently pork (10%).

Kepak has a range of meat protein (beef, lamb, pork, chicken) value added businesses ranging from raw burgers to cooked convenience snacks

The investment in McCarren and other added value businesses will add further value along the supply chain delivering partner customers and consumers alike on-trend convenience products which are the fastest-growing category of meat sales.

The Company

Sonora Agropecuaria SA de CV has built its success in a comprehensive control of the production, since it executes with own resources all the stages of the process: produces feed, owns fattening farms, slaughterhouse, drying shed and distribution network.

Thanks to these means it has become in a maximum guarantee provider to distributors worldwide. Its commitment is based on work, responsibility and continuous learning, and it has a team of professionals able to use view, vocation and common sense.

Since 2010, Sonora is present worldwide, becoming in one of the leading exporters in its sector. About 63% of its sales are destined to foreign markets.